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Words about coaching for Bemidji Youth League Baseball

Coaching is a tremendous responsibility and commitment that can be very rewarding. It is by no means an easy job to do simply because you have to wear so many hats and have several responsibilities toward your team and the league throughout the season. Coaches will be responsible for attending meetings, helping with fundraising, setting of schedules, and maintaining a good example for their players to follow.

Often as coaches, we tend to measure our successes of our season by wins and losses. We get so focused on winning to obtain the prize awaiting us at the end of the season, we forget about what is really important, the kids. The kids are the ultimate reason and our purpose for being on the field. To teach them fundamentals of playing the game of baseball and to help them to develop skills so they have an enjoyable experience. To teach good sportsmanship and have respect for their team, the opposing team, all coaches, and umpires. As this is a travel coaching position we will have an emphasis on winning, but not at all cost. We have and want to continue an excellence of coaches and players through Bemidji Youth League Baseball.

The most important person in any youth organization is those who coach the kids. You are the person who determines the quality of experience that our young athletes will have in sports participation. It should be a very rewarding experience.

Below is the progression we want to take within our program @ BYLB. We feel that all coaches will follow these guidelines. See a full set of policies for the travel teams from president Dahlin.

· All coaches will evaluate talent for the creation of teams. The board or coaches can request to use outside evaluators, with prior approval by the Executive board.

· Teams must be between 12 and 15 players. The younger groups should have more to get as many players involved as possible.

· Playing time is not equal or should it be expected. Just remember, it is not what you do in June but the middle of July that counts. The kids should be played in multiple positions when they are young. You never know when you need a replacement.

· All teams advance in traveling baseball, so play those games to win, every player will have a spot to be able to do something in the game.

· Parents will be the most difficult thing you have to deal with. Do not lie to them or make promises. Tell them and the players what they have to do to get better. If they do, it is your responsibility to find time for them to play.

· Every year is a new year for every player. Some players think they are good from the year before, that they do not have anything to prove. In my book, you have to prove something every day. Being on a travel team is a privilege not a right.

· Coaches will have problems during the year, if you need help ask those that can help you. We need to create ballplayers for today and for the future.

· 9 year olds will play a shorter schedule culminating in post season play. 10 year olds will play a slightly heavier schedule culminating with post season play. 11-14 year old teams will have a full schedule of games and are required to be in post season play.

· A preference will be given to a coach that is a non-parent. Parents, if you coach your child, you will have someone question, the playing time, the positions and almost any other thing imaginable. Non-parent coaches do not have these drawbacks.

· Develop a practice plan and a routine and stick to it. Make sure all the coaches are on the same page.

· Once a head coach is established, they may fill in the remaining staff. All coaches must be approved by the Executive Board of BYLB.

· Any questions should be directed to the President of BYLB.

Applications are in the document center or by accessing this link