What does travel ball cost?

UpdatedFriday March 6, 2020 byDerek Olsen.


    • Each team will be self-sufficient and cover the costs of their particular team
    • After schedules are determined, a budget will be given to each team to follow.
    • Each team’s coaches & parents will decide what they want for a uniform and any extras they may want to add.  A base package will be established that all teams must adhere to.
    • All teams will be expected to do fundraising, which will decrease team costs.
      • KC tickets-each team will get credit for tickets sold for their Northern Heat team (minus the 5 required for Night League). 
      • Teams may acquire a team sponsor
      • Teams may do other outside fundraising
      • All fundraising and team sponsors must be approved by BYLB
    • By June 1st, all players will be expected to pay the Northern Heat fee, which will be determined by the budget created minus any fundraising up to May 15th
    • At the end of the year, all final numbers will be calculated and the remaining fees (or refund) will be collected by August 1st

(costs can be affected by # of tournaments, uniform costs, equipment costs, other misc. expenses)

  • Examples of 2020 NH player fees after all fundraising & initial registration fees range from $0 to $275 per player.


  • 9, 10, 11,12 YO TRAVEL TEAMS:
    • These players will also be playing on Night League teams and therefore will be subject to the registration fees for Night League ($150 if selling KC tickets)
      • Registration for Night League is required prior to trying out for a Northern Heat team.
  • 13 & 14 YO TRAVEL TEAMS:
    • Subject to registration fee ($150 if selling KC tickets)
      • This fee applied to 2020 NH costs
      • Registration is required prior to trying out for a Northern Heat team.