Northern Heat

UpdatedSunday March 28, 2021 byDerek Olsen.

Northern Heat is Bemidji Youth Baseball’s traveling baseball program.  This program is designed for players who want to play more baseball in the summer, improve development of baseball skills, and compete at a very high level.  Teams are made up of the top 11-15 players in each age group. 

9 through 12 year old Teams: Typically a team at every age level.  Tryouts are usually held in late March to early May.  Each team will play in 3 to 5 weekend tournaments plus a State tournament, along with some other games mixed in. A possibility of advancing to the Midwest Regional tournament is there for the 11 & 12 year olds. The 9 & 10 year olds participation in a Midwest Regional tournament is considered on a year by year basis.   Expectation is 20-40 games for each team, with 20 games for 9 year olds, up to 40 games for 12 year olds.  These players also are required to play in the night league division of Bemidji Youth Baseball.  Night league registration is required prior to participating in tryouts for these teams.

13 through 15 year old Teams: Teams at every age level differ from year to year depending on player availability. Tryouts can vary from March to middle of May.  These teams will play in 4 to 5 tournaments plus a State tournament, with the chance of advancing to a Regional tournament.  Additional games are usually scheduled beyond the tournament games.  A 40-50 game schedule is the expectation.  These players are usually not required to play in the intact league.  Intact league registration is required prior to participating in tryouts for these teams.

There are additional fees for playing on a Northern Heat team.  However, fundraising activities is a commonplace on these teams to help keep player fees down. 

The Northern Heat baseball program has long tradition of success in winning games, advancing and competing at the regional and national level, developing players for the High School program, and teaching life skills to players through the sport of baseball.